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We believe in establishing the appropriate treatment for you, aimed at enhancing your own natural beauty to feel fresh and rejuvenated.


To help us achieve this we only use premium products and offer relaxed, unhurried and detailed consultations.


We understand the world of facial aesthetics can be daunting. We appreciate many people worry to have treatment due to their concerns in excessive or inappropriate treatment, regularly broadcasted on social media platforms. We pride ourselves in being approachable and thorough clinicians, but also relatable women that appreciate the pressures on us all in modern society.


We believe in responsible cosmetic treatment and our foremost consideration is our patients’ wellbeing, not the latest trends. We appreciate the sensitive nature of cosmetic treatment and are committed to ensuring confidentiality and discretion.


Your enhancement is unique and personal to you. We want you to have fun, enjoy the experience and feel confident in your decision. We believe this is established through long term relationships with our patients, building our practice on trust and word of mouth, through our reliable commitment to you.


Dr Mana Nademi and Dr Anita Sandhu


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